Fact Sheet
Bad Zombie Games
Press / Business contact:
Andy Cargile
Founding date:
February, 2023
Release Date:
12 July 2023
Steam, Apple Store
Press Release
We took roguelike deckbuilders to a new level in this unique survival game. Play two characters as a team, create your own cards, name the beasts you discover, and build decks where cards have limited durability, all in Castaway Station.
  • A rich narrative that permeates the game.
  • Four survivors who combine in teams of two in battle.
  • A new, unique type of card: Teamwork.
  • Over 50 specific cards for each character.
  • Cards have a limited number of uses and play twice when depleted, enhancing the strategic challenge.
  • A wild assortment of alien creatures living in a unique ecosystem.
  • Weapons and other equipment items are tied to cards.
  • A third Story Deck with over 150 cards tied to plot elements, locations, and weather.
  • Mission-based game mechanic that drives the narrative forward.
  • A Synthesizer where players can create custom character cards for their team.
  • Tools for replicating, enhancing, and recharging game items.
  • A Bestiary that describes the xenomorphs you find and allows you to name them.
  • Cut scenes enriching the narrative.
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Opening Animation
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About Bad Zombie Games
Bad Zombie Games is an award-winning game studio founded by Andy Cargile. He and his amazing worldwide team created eight original tiles while at Smart Technologies, including the Monsters vs. Fractions franchise. Most recently, they worked with Atomic Cartoons to create Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck in 13 months. He and his team have now broken out as Bad Zombie Games. Castaway Station is their first title.
Founder, President, and Lead Game Designer
Andy Cargile
Illustrator & Animator
Cassidy Blickensdorf
Illustrator & Animator
Margo Dragonfly
Illustrator & Animator
Clint Sutton
Software Development Manager
Jaking Chang
Joy Chen
Akimi Hsu
Cherry Wu
Webber Yeh
Original Soundtrack and Audio Engineering
Paul Orton
Sound Design
Logan Smith
Copywriter & Copyeditor
Marissa Bea
Game Tester
Final Design

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